Building Successful Teams

History has shown us that it takes a certain type of leader with unique competencies and skills to build a profitable company or manage a successful team. According to Forbes Magazine, there may be just a few fundamental elements, that could help you build a more reliable and long-standing team:

1. Be Aware of How You Work
As the leader, you must be extremely aware of your leadership style and techniques. Are they as effective as you think? How well are they accepted by the team you are trying to lead? Evaluate yourself and be critical about where you can improve, especially in areas that will benefit those whom you are a leading.

Though you may be in-charge, how you work may not be appreciated by those who work for you. You have good intentions, but make sure to hold yourself accountable and modify your approach if necessary to ensure that you’re leading from a position of strength and respectability.

2. Get to Know the Rest of the Team
It is critical to care and understand the needs of your team. Embrace the differences and help your colleagues experience their importance. All successful leaders know exactly what buttons to push and when to push them. They are experts at activating the talent around them. Fully knowing your team means that you have invested the time to understand how they are wired to think and what is required to motivate them to excel above and beyond what is expected of them.

3. Be Proactive with Feedback
Feedback is the key to assure any team is on track, but more importantly that it is improving everyday. Feedback should be proactive and constant. Many leaders are tend to wait until a problem occurs before they giving feedback.

Feedback is the art of great communication, it should be something that is part of one’s natural dialogue. Feedback can be both formal and informal. Remember that every team is different, with its own unique dynamics. Treat them as such, no cookie-cutter approach is allowed.

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