When Intuition Meets Insight

Client Relationship: Managed


Tracking client activity and qualifying new prospects is just the beginning. The HomeCodec Agent Portal provides valuable and intuitive insight into this data, building a road map of preferences and an organized timeline for each client. We’ve built in tools to help you manage your daily workflow, schedule appointments, communicate directly with active home buyers, upload documents, and more. It’s the ideal system to maximize your efficiency without breaking the bank.

Custom Widgets – Customize your home page to display agent commissions, key analytics, team goals, company news, and more. Centralize your communication to make sure everyone is informed of important updates. Nothing is better then having your most important data right at a glance. We help you visualize as well as manage.

Lead Capturing – We make sure that nothing is overlooked through our push notification system active 24/7. When new leads are captured through the app or go unclaimed by an agent you will know the moment they are available right on your smart phone or computer. Leads are vital and we take them very seriously to ensure your business succeeds.

Tasks & Calendars – Admit it. You’ve got a lot to balance, and we make it easy for you to keep everything all in one place. Centralize your tasks in one location so you don’t have to juggle software ever again. Add tasks, manage reminders or schedule a showing. Whatever it may be we have you covered by synergizing your day, week or month.

Historical Data – When information is cluttered or disorganized, it’s almost as good as useless. We eliminate the stress of keeping track of vital information, starting with your client’s app activity and preferences right down to client details. Even your own notes, documents, and communication including your clients are kept safe in the cloud and on your devices.

Documents – The age of print, revise, scan, send is over. Keep a folder of general documents for easy access, manage and store signed documents right at your fingertips. If you require paper documents they are only a few simple actions away from your printer. If they require to be electronically sent out our software has you covered.

Reporting – Having information is one thing. Having information accessible is another. We help you to visualize, track, and utilize key data throughout the buying process. Simplify the way you track your fresh clientel all the way through the buying process. Know exactly which step you are on with each and every client to ensure the smoothest process.

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